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Monstera Lace Kurung in White



Cantek, or ‘beauty’ is universal. And with no set definition or boundaries, as it is purely in the eye of the beholder. The same can be said of the Malay beauty; it can be interpreted as the graceful and gentle way she conducts herself from day to day. Pure white with minimal batik touches throughout emphasizes those point perfectly. Simple at first glance, but one quickly learns that little is required to highlight the natural beauty of the Malay woman.

  • 2-piece outfit
  • Monstera Lace for Top
  • Fully lined top
  • Top with straight cutting
  • V-shaped neckline
  • No padded shoulders
  • Crepe Silk material for Skirt
  • Skirt with bias-cutting















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Weight 700 g

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Batik Care Tips

For longevity, you don’t need to use strong detergents! Softeners are more than enough for laundry days with batiks. Prints last longer and so will your time wearing it! Worth every penny!..