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White, pure and fair. Fiona, taken directly from Scottish roots, means exactly that. We’re infusing the purity concept into the sophisticated laced white top and floral skirt. Staying true to the name Fiona, it is mostly decked in white fabric. Wearers will notice that they will look sweeter upon checks to the vanity mirror.


  • 2-piece outfit
  • Top in Embroided Lace
  • Skirt in Crepe Silk Material
  • Flared – Cutting
  • Long and Slim Sleeves
  • Full Lining
  • Skirt has stretchable waistline
  • Washable















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Batik Care Tips

For longevity, you don’t need to use strong detergents! Softeners are more than enough for laundry days with batiks. Prints last longer and so will your time wearing it! Worth every penny!..