Salma in Kebaya


Set in Bright Pink and Orange

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Two bright colours with the aim of impress! A delightful combination of pink and orange on the tried-and-true Kebaya cut is sure to please those who long for a mix of modern and classic in one outfit. This shows that you can have it all, with Salma!

  • 2-piece outfit
  • Fit – cutting
  • Crepe Material 
  • Round neckline
  • Long Sleeves
  • Fully Lined 
  • Skirt has stretchable waistline
  • Washable

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Long Cardigan


Batik Care Tips

For longevity, you don’t need to use strong detergents! Softeners are more than enough for laundry days with batiks. Prints last longer and so will your time wearing it! Worth every penny!..