Guipure Lace with Peach Florals



Seri combines two complementary colours, which is peach and blue. Together, just from the contrast of colours, it highlights the already beautiful Malay Kurung dress in a pleasant way. With the more intricate ‘Tropical Lace’ top, a more minimal batik skirt concept would be a perfect pairing. Balancing both the elements is key, and with Seri, we truly believe it showcases the Malay woman in a sophisticated light.

  • 2-piece outfit
  • Guipure Lace for Top
  • Fully lined┬átop
  • Top with fit cutting
  • Round neckline
  • No padded shoulders
  • Crepe Silk material for Skirt
  • Skirt with bias-cutting
















Additional information

Weight 400 g

Measurement Chart

Batik Care Tips

For longevity, you don’t need to use strong detergents! Softeners are more than enough for laundry days with batiks. Prints last longer and so will your time wearing it! Worth every penny!..